PAF – “Vintage 59” Greeny OOP


All pickups are hand-made to order, current build time is 25 to 30 days.

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Back by popular demand, these are my take on the infamous 59 PAF’s, made with cloned vintage-spec parts.

These are the Peter Green version so are out of phase in the middle position.

USA-made butyrate bobbins.

Machine wound with USA-made Elektrisola 42awg Plain Enamel wire bridge and heavy formvar neck, correct turns per layer as the vintage pickups.

Cloned roughcast alnico 5 magnets, formulated from vintage magnets.

Covers are nickel silver, copperless plating and correct dimpled pole screw holes.

Baseplates are nickel silver.

Correct alloy poles and slugs.

Maple spacer.

Braided two-strand hookup wire.

Neck 7.3K and Bridge 8.0K.

The list goes on.


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