January's order book is now full, so I'll be turning off ordering until the 1st of February.........sorry if you missed out.
See you then!
Thanks and Take Care.
Marc, 13th of January 2022.

PAF – “Vintage” N.O.S Wire


All pickups are hand made to order, current build time is 40 to 45 days.

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These are my take on the infamous 59 PAF’s, made with cloned vintage-spec parts.

N.O.S vintage 42awg Plain Enamel wire, I think I have enough wire for 100 sets, once these are gone they are gone. They’ll be boxed in limited edition boxes that will be individually numbered.

USA made butyrate bobbins.

Machine wound with USA made 42awg Plain Enamel wire from wooden spools, correct turns per layer as the vintage pickups.

Cloned roughcast alnico 5 magnets, formulated from vintage magnets.

Covers are nickel silver, copperless plating and correct dimpled pole screw holes.

Baseplates are nickel silver with L shaped tooling marks on the legs.

Correct alloy poles and slugs.

Maple spacer.

Braided two-strand hookup wire.

Neck 7.3K and Bridge 8.3K.

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