January's order book is now full, so I'll be turning off ordering until the 1st of February.........sorry if you missed out.
See you then!
Thanks and Take Care.
Marc, 13th of January 2022.

P.A.B Humbucker Sized


All pickups are hand made to order, current build time is 40 to 45 days.

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Humbucker sized version of my P.A.B pickup, internally they are exactly the same as the full-sized version.

Currently only available with the black hex poles, if there is enough interest I’ll make a blade version.

Wound with thicker wire than a “standard” pickup, so, therefore, have a lower output.

Nickel silver and nickel-plated cover.

Neck 3.8k and Bridge 4.2K

Alnico 5 magnets.

Come with mounting screws.

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