Wide Range Jazzmaster


All pickups are hand made to order, current build time is 40 to 45 days.

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Wide Range Humbuckers in a Jazzmaster format.

Designed by Seth Lover, this was Fender’s attempt at a PAF rival but with a twist. The basic concept is the same as a PAF but rather than using steel screw / slugs and a bar magnet for the polepieces, Fender used threaded CuNiFe rod magnets. The rod magnets made them brighter which allowed Fender to wind them hotter, making them a powerful magnet but with excellent clarity.

I have made these as close to the originals as possible, CuNiFe is very elusive today so I use threaded AlNiCo as a replacement.

Correct 54mm string spacing.

Wound with 42awg wire.

Typically the Neck is 10.5K and the Bridge 11.2k

Cloth hook up wires.

Mounting screws included.

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