October's order book is now full, so I'll be turning off ordering until the 1st of November.........sorry if you missed out, it's been a busy month.
See you then!
Thanks and Take Care.
Marc 12 of October 2021.

P90 Soapbar 52-54 Vintage – Butyrate Covers – 49.2mm Spacing.


All pickups are hand made to order, current build time is 30 to 35 days.

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Classic single-coil, which requires no introduction.

Vintage clone of the 52 – 54 style, 49.2mm spacing.

Bone White Butyrate short cover (Black available soon).

Machine wound with 42awg Plain Enamel wire.

Rough Cast Alnico 5 Magnets

Neck 7.3K and Bridge 8K.

Nickel Silver reproduction P90 baseplates.

Vintage correct 2 strand braided hook up wire.

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