The Bones Gold Foil Plastic Covers


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Introducing our “Bones” series, a stripped back / barebones range, with the same specs as the standard range, but wound with Elektrisola Polysol wire and generic parts.

Switching to these parts has allowed us to pass on savings without compromising quality, one compromise is the lack of options, to allow us to produce this range effectively, there is only one spec (usually based on our best sellers from the standard range) and colour/finish options are limited.

However, the advantage is a lower retail price and a much quicker lead time, all of this range will ship within 7 days.

The “Bones” Gold Foil.

Plastic shallow soapbar sized covers which are approx 11mm tall.

Handwound with Elektrisola polysol 44awg wire to 5.6K and rubberised magnet.

Comes with mounting screws.

Cloth hookup wires.




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