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I made this set for myself but I’m too busy to finish the project, NOS LEWCO Heavy Formvar wire. Aged bobbins and dipped in nitro cellulose lacquer.

Where it all began, I’ve been playing Jazzmaster’s for a long time but nobody used to offer replacement pickups, so I had to start making them for myself.

This set is based on my own vintage Jazzmasters.

42awg NOS Heavy Formvar wire with alnico 5 magnets. Fender used Heavy Forvar for a short period after the CBS takeover, I always assumed it was to use up stock before all pickups switched to plain enamel. Regardless of the reason for the Heavy Forvar wire these pickups always sounded extra special.

Neck 7.2K and Bridge 8.8K

Comes with aged white covers and mounting screws included.


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