All pickups are made to order, the current build time is 25 to 30 days.

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My take on the classic Firebird pickup, it is often confused with Mini Humbucker; however, it is a different pickup under the cover. A Mini Humbucker works in the same way as a regular humbucker / PAF in that it has a bar magnet that charges the polepieces, Firebirds have vertical bar magnets within the coil that act as the polepieces. In a sense, this is more like a Fender pickup and it adds brightness and clarity.

Wound with vintage correct 42awg Plain Enamel wire.

Alnico 5 magnets.

Reflector plates over and under the coils, just like the old ones.

Nickel Silver / Nickel plated covers and Nickel Silver baseplate.

Braided hook up.

Comes with mounting screws and springs.



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