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Aprils's order book is now full, so I'll be turning off ordering until the 1st of May.........sorry if you missed out.
See you then!
Thanks and Take Care.
Marc 6th of April 2021.

Coodercaster Harness


All pickups are hand made to order, current build time is 10 to 14 days.



3 Way Coodercaster Harness.

Features 3 way super switch, 1 x volume and 1 x tone.
The harness eliminates half the lap steel pickup going out of phase in the middle position.
This only works with the Mojo Pickups version 2 Lap Steel pickups with the 4 conductor wiring, it is not suitable for other brands / vintage lap steel pickups.

The photo shows the harness mounted on a Tele style configuration but I will leave enough slack in the wires for different set ups.

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