Hershey Bar Pickups Coming Soon

Mojo Pickups “Hershey Bar” style pickup are coming soon, as found on the vintage Harmony Stratotone’s. Vintage correct parts and spec.

P90 Sized DeArmond Gold Foils

The new P90 sized DeArmond spec Gold Foil prototypes. These will be available soon. Built to vintage specs with custom made magnets but in a P90 size.

New Vintage correct Filtertron sized Mojotrons

The vintage correct Filtertron sized Mojotrons are finally here. The covers were reproduced from a 3D scan of a late 50’s Filtertron. All the other parts were carefully copied, even the top plate / keeper is made from butyrate. They are slightly bigger than modern Filtertrons ……..so please check the sizing before ordering.

Aged Pickups

A few people have been asking if I’ve stopped making aged pickups, as there is an option on the page. They are still available and an aged option will be added sooner or later. In the meantime, as everything is made to order, email me and I’ll be happy to help.

Custom Pickguards

Customers ask fairly frequently if I make custom pickguard, I don’t but Glen Havelock from Cuicuica Instrument does a great job. He’s made several Gold Foil routed guards for me, all have been top notch. He can be contacted direct at glen.havelock@gmail.com